Official website launched

Official website launched

Welcome to the online home of author John D Kennedy. John is the author of the James Bishop and Quinn Tempest-Stewart series of novels.

At last it's here. The brutality of writing, editing, making pictures, re-editing, swearing, drinking and the general craziness one needs to write a book has manifested itself into this - a bonafide website, and aint she perty.

Well don't just sit there, start clicking. I didn't drink my way through half of Scotland's whiskey production for you to just sit there. Go on, have a read, see my bio, explore my books, laugh cry, dance.

I want to extend a big warm welcome to all of you that have landed here, either through pressing the wrong mouse button or those with a genuine interest in reading my work and perhaps finding out a little more about me and what goes into making a novel.

In the interests of keeping those under a certain age away from certain language and themes, I would very much warn all those that the books are adult in content, no Disney characters for Johnny, unless they are being used as a sex toy...